HTML to WordPress conversion is super easy with Elementor page builder. Elementor can generate awesome and pretty Web Design ideas. It provides a creative handful of Templates and elements which are a powerful source of the tool in every design idea.

Redesign Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Website

PVREBA or Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Buyers Agent is a real estate agent who represents the buyer. They have been in the business for years and their website has been out-dated.

PVREBA’s website was created years ago, along the way of their business operation they did not notice to maintain their website from the design, logo, and theme even their website is outdated and the developer of this is different.

As they contact us, we deliver the services that they need. First, we redesign the logo using Adobe Photoshop. Secondly, We converted the website from HTML to WordPress conversion. And lastly, install a new theme with the amazing features of Elementor and redesign the PVREBA’s website pages. Changing the theme without changing the content was a little bit scary but with our expert, we made it a fresh look, responsive website, and easy to use.

Website Conversion from HTML to WordPress 

Converting an HTML website to WordPress is not as scary as it might sound at first. You can either create it from scratch or use a WordPress theme. The #1 free WordPress builder – Elementor makes the work really easy.

With our expertise in Elementor builder which is included in our services, we helped convert the PVREBA website from HTML to WordPress. We also rendered redesigning the logo as an extra graphic design service we offer.

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