6 Tips to polish your data entry skills

6 Tips to Polish Your Data Entry Skills

We all have different skills and data entry is one of the most common. We can take advantage of what the world wide web has to offer by attending online classes or reading online tips. Here are a few helpful tips to improve your data entry skills and boost your future freelancing career.

6 Tips to Boost Your Data Entry Skills

1. Improve typing skills and body language.

Learning how to type properly may be hard at first but you can learn it on your own by doing online typing practices and tests. Check your typing structure, body language, and make sure you feel comfortable with hand posture and positioning. In that way, you can save time and your typing skills will be efficient.

2. Apply comfortable desk space.

To become a data typist, your overall body position is to sit and type on a computer. Sitting for a long period of time may take a toll on your health issues. It is very important to work in a comfortable place.


  • Have an ergonomic chair with support in your back and if possible a chair with height adjustment. 
  • Computer monitors should be at eye level. 
  • Use dual-monitor. It will be helpful in your efficiency and productivity.

3. Take advantage of online typing tools.

In today’s generation, online classes/courses are very popular. This online program allows you to learn and improve your typing abilities so you can identify areas for improvement. You can also use Youtube for basic typing skills demonstration, and software knowledge.

4. Familiarized with data entry hacks and shortcuts.

In data entry, you have to be familiarized with keyboard hacks and shortcuts in order to save an amount of time. If you have no idea about keyboard shortcuts you can also use Google and take note of that. Here are a few examples:

Ctrl + Z: Undo.

Ctrl + W: Close.

Alt + F4: Close apps.

Ctrl + Esc: Open the Start menu.

Ctrl + C- Copy the selected items.

Ctrl + A – Copy the whole text.

Ctrl + Tab – transfer to another window.

5. Focus and block distractions.

Working as a data entry personnel will be challenging. You have to understand the process and stay focused. Data entry needs to be accurate and well-performed.

Tips: You have to work in a strict manner, work in a place where you feel comfortable. Your cellphone may be in silent mode during your working hours.

6. Take time to read your work.

Mistakes may happen in our life so also in our workplace. You have to review your work before you proceed because sometimes you cannot retrieve or delete it. In this way, you have to make sure to double-check your work and proofread yourself. When you are done reviewing, you will know you did a great job.

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